Formwork Refurbishment

Formwork materials used on-site in construction and engineering are subject to such high demands that it’s essential to ensure regular cleaning, maintenance and refurbishment. The correct treatment and cleaning of formwork is a vital service that extends the life-cycle of formwork panels used in your projects. We’ve found that providing panel refurbishment off-site is a much more cost-effective and efficient method than opting for on-site panel cleaning and maintenance, so that’s why we offer this service as part of our work here at Gael Form.

Having recently invested in a state-of-the-art cleaning facility, we have the capability to repair and refurbish all brands of formwork on the market. 

On receipt of the formwork, all customers are provided with a complete schedule. It will set out each item received, detail the current condition of the formwork, and highlight the steps required to refurbish each piece. On each refurbishment project, we’ll walk you through a five-step process before progressing with the panel reconditioning.

If needed, Gael Form can arrange for the collection and delivery of refurbished formwork both to and from locations worldwide.


01. Evaluation

Gael Form’s form work refurbishment experts begin the process by checking for any flaws or damage that may need repair. Dependent on the cleanliness and/or damage of the formwork, the following criteria is used to assess its condition.

1. Formwork is in good condition – only cleaning is required
2. Formwork is damaged – minimal repair is required
3. Plywood is unusable – plywood replacement required
4. Panel with minimal damaged frame – refurbishing needed, including welding
5. The panel is unusable – disposal of as scrap

02. Cleaning

Dirt is removed from the formwork using a high-pressure washer with up to two thousand bar pressure.

Once complete, the formwork panels are then fed through a panel cleaning machine. This provides extensive cleaning, to all brands of formwork, to the highest standard.

03. Repair

If the panels show excessive damage and wear during the assessment, they will be fully repaired.

Holes and small damaged areas on the face of plywood are drilled out and the area is capped with repair insert discs.

Note: It is recommended that where more than 8 discs cover a square metre, the plywood needs to be replaced to ensure the safety of you and your employees on-site.

04. Refurbishment

Any minor damage to the formwork, or cracks in the steel frame, are welded during this stage of the process.

 This reinstates the integrity of the frame and allows for full use on site.

05. Painting

Where requested, Gael Form’s team can paint the formwork to the customer’s specifications

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