Formwork design and engineering division

The key to successful formwork (as well as design) is safety, efficiency and simplicity. To help deliver these requirements on-site, we will proudly introduce you to our expert formwork designers and engineers, who can support you with any formwork purchase or rental.

Our designers and engineers all work in-house as part of our team, bringing a wealth of expertise in civil, structural, and mechanical engineering to the Gael Form team. As specialist temporary works design engineers, our team can assess, define and analyse even the most complex and demanding temporary structures.

Our design engineers have expertise working with all formwork solutions and if our customers require it, a combination of systems can be drawn together, allowing for full utilisation of stock available.

We also design for all system types, including traditional erect and strike systems, modular systems, and table form systems (to include back propping, early striking checks, and load checks).

Formwork Design and engineering division

Gael Form Ltd have built an impressive portfolio of major infrastructure designs for our customers globally. The range of designs we’ve created not only showcases our talents and experience, but continues to let us build on our capability to fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of various systems and site conditions. This encompasses cranage, site storage and access, labour and safety etc, and helps us to provide our customers with the most cost-effective options on the market.

Through early engagement with our customers within the construction, engineering and pre-cast concrete industries, our team are able to eliminate risk, reduce costs, and find the most practical solution for any kind of project.

All formwork designs are carried out to the following industry best practices:


CDM:2015 reg’s

Formwork guide to good practice

SIM 02/2010/04 

Management of temporary works – HSE


A guide to flat slab formwork and falseworkCS030 – a guide to flat slab formwork and falsework

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